How Yea-Sacc® Can Help the Endurance Horse Gut

Featured picture is of Erica S. and her horse, Leo, completing their first 100 mile endurance race in Sunriver, Oregon. Leo is a 14 year old Arabian gelding who was usually graded “C” on his gut sounds–even in shorter distance endurance races. After Erica put him on Yea-Sacc® 1 month prior to the race, Leo’s gut sounds went from C’s to mostly A’s and a few B’s, even on his first 100 mile race. Yea-Sacc helps the endurance horse gut function by improving fiber digestion, stabilizing the pH in the gut to enhance good flora, and reducing lactic acid build up, all which improve the gut’s function in strenuous disciplines such as endurance riding, or any form of equine racing. Yea-Sacc is a natural live yeast product that helps the gut function better and does not alter other support you might give your horse, such as electrolytes.