Why Choose Bio-Mos® Equine Prebiotic Supplement

There are many reasons that Bio-Mos® equine prebiotic supplement should be your choice of a prebiotic for your horse or other animals.


Cost Savings

Oak Creek Services is able to offer Bio-Mos equine prebiotic supplement at a price which is an extreme value because we keep our shipping, handling, and packaging costs low. We pass our savings on to you. Please be careful when opening the package, as it is sent double wrapped in plastic bags in a Priority Flat Rate Box. This is the least expensive way to ship. Most people appreciate the savings and a reduced impact on the environment by not shipping in a plastic container.

Pure, with No Other Additives

Bio-Mos is a unique form of Mannan Oligosaccharides derived from the outer cell wall of a select strain of yeast using a proprietary process developed by Alltech. It has been researched and documented to produce health benefits by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Bio-Mos also binds to the disease causing gram negative bacteria (the bad bugs) in the horse’s gut and carries them harmlessly out through the feces. With your purchase of Bio-Mos you know the source, and you are receiving the prebiotic in its pure form, with no other additives.

Quality Control and Research

Alltech’s priority is quality. From scientific research to production practices, quality control and assurance play a major role in Alltech’s operations. Alltech’s Quality System samples and analyzes every shipment of raw materials that comes into their facilities. They use stringent, standardized and documented procedures at every production facility, blending facility, and warehouse. Then, they sample and analyze the finished product before it is shipped to their customers. All shipments are traceable.

Worldwide Industry Certifications

You get the same superior quality every time you order. Statements made by Alltech have come from over 20 years of research by independent and company scientists.

Do other products have approval anywhere else in the world?
Bio-Mos is approved for use in the strict European markets.

Do other products have FDA approval?
The Federal Department of Agriculture has approved Bio-Mos and statements made by Alltech regarding research, results, and quality.

Are other products considered to be safe enough for the livestock industry?
Bio-Mos is a is an indigestible carbohydrate compound (Mannan Oligosaccaride, or Mos) that also meets the strict requirements for natural and organic farmers.