The Science Behind Alltech Bio-Mos® Equine Supplement

Alltech Bio-Mos® equine supplement,  is an indigestible carbohydrate compound (Mannan Oligosaccharide, or MOS) harvested from the cell wall of a specific strain of yeast. The action of Bio-Mos is twofold: immobilizing pathogens present in the gut, and activating the immune system. Bio-Mos is a scientifically proven, cost effective, natural alternative or complementary treatment to the use of antibiotics.

Acts as a prebiotic

Bio-Mos clears the gut of harmful pathogens such as Clostridium, E.coli and Salmonella, and helps to ensure a healthy digestive system which promotes the colonization of essential probiotic organisms naturally. This ensures the optimal absorption of nutrients from the feed. The chemical structure of the sugar enables it to bind to harmful micro-organisms in the digestive tract that would otherwise attach to the gut wall and compromise the animal’ health. This renders the pathogens ineffective, and since Bio-Mos is not degraded by digestive enzymes, it passes through the gut with the harmful bacteria attached, thus expelling it from the body and preventing infection.

Assists all Aspects of Immune Response

Bio-Mos has been shown to assist in all aspects of the immune response, from actively stimulating the immune system in order to resist infection, to ensuring an increased transfer of antibodies to the suckling foal through the mare’s milk.

About Alltech

With headquarters located in Kentucky, USA, Alltech has its roots firmly planted in one of the biggest horse industries in the world. Thus, it is no surprise that they have developed a range of products ideally suited to and widely researched in the equine industry. As the only non-pharmaceutical entry on the list of top 20 Animal Health Companies, Alltech, has been providing natural solutions to the equine industry for over 25 years. With core competencies in yeast, fermentation, and peptide technology, Alltech has succeeded in consistently providing products of superior quality backed by the independent research needed to guarantee the success of each of their products.