FAQ’s for Yea-Sacc® Horse Digestion Supplement

Bio-Mos® Equine Digestion Supplement Questions

Do I need to change my feeding program?

No, you do not need to change your feeding program. As a horse digestive supplement, Bio-Mos will enhance the nutrition you are giving, but not alter the vitamin/mineral ratios of your dietary program.

How long do I need to feed Bio-Mos?

Often horses with compromised immune systems or ulcer-type conditions do best when they are fed Bio-Mos consistently. However, your veterinarian may suggest or prescribe Bio-Mos short-term to help after surgery, antibiotics, or when diarrhea occurs after worming.

Can I overfeed Bio-Mos?

No, you cannot overfeed. Horses will not use what they don’t need. It does not build up in their system.

Can or should I feed more than the amount shown on the label?

Yes, you can feed more, if needed. The amounts suggested are a maintenance serving. At times of stress to the horse’s system, you may need to feed 2x’s, or more, depending on the size of your horse

It is granulated, will my horse eat it?

Most horses readily slurp it up when mixed in with their other feed. Picky eaters may need to get used to the fragrance and flavor gradually. As they become accustomed to the taste, often horses will eat it all by itself.

How soon will I see results?

Problems such as diarrhea and gassiness often improve in a few days. However, benefits such as improved coat and hoof condition, ulcers and immune system, may take longer.