Our mission is to help you enhance your horse’s health and performance by offering Alltech’s natural horse nutritional supplements at affordable cost.

Oak Creek Services is proud to offer Alltech’s natural horse supplements that are scientifically researched and tested: Bio-Mos® and Yea-Sacc®. These natural horse supplements have been scientifically shown to help the digestive system. We are one of the few companies that offer these products individually and various quantities to serve both small and large stables. Because we are a family-owned business, we are able to keep our costs, and therefore your costs, down.



Why We Believe in These Products

After using Bio-Mos® and Yea-Sacc® and seeing the positive results on my own horses, I became convinced that using them in their pure forms produced the best results. (Some packaged feeds already have these supplements added to their formulas, but not at a therapeutic level) In this way, I was able to adjust the serving size and avoid other unwanted ingredients and packaging. Now I hear many other success stories. Horses with ulcers, diarrhea, chronic colic and other digestive problems have been helped using Bio-Mos® and Yea-Sacc®. People also comment on their horse’s gleaming coats, improved hoof condition, and overall better health. Bio-Mos® and Yea-Sacc® do make a difference!

How We Save You Money

Most people have their own containers, dislike fussing with the zip-top bags. People also appreciate the SAVINGS provided by not having expensive PACKAGING (which also requires more expensive shipping).

  • Your purchase will arrive in double wrapped plastic bags, with appropriate labeling and instructions in a U.S. Mail Priority Flat Rate Box. These boxes are the most cost effective way to ship items of this weight with a consistent price and quick delivery. The weights available for purchase are those which can fit into a Priority Flat Rate Box.
  • Please Be Careful when opening the box, and don’t slit the box with a knife. You can then continue to use it out of the box, or transfer it to one of your own sealable containers. For maximum potency, store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.
  • Most people already have scoops and spoons, so these are not included. All you need is a Tablespoon for Bio-Mos® and a 1/4 cup (or a 60cc scoop) for Yea-Sacc®.