Greeting Your Horse, Lesson 4, Epilogue: 3 Minute Horsemanship

You Had Me at “Hello” … It Works!   Big difference, wouldn’t you say from the first time? All the horses now prefer this and seek it out… 

Lesson 4: Greeting Your Horse: Epilogue

After more repetitions of the new greeting method, I thought I’d share a few of my insights. I have continued with other lessons, while still greeting my horses in the method suggested by Bee. I must say, it has made a difference and does work! The phrase “You Had Me At Hello” comes to mind….Even Scottie seems to enjoy a greeting this way as seen by the difference in the photos, and I never thought I’d see that! Maggie drops her head to about waist height and presses just the right amount into my hand. Lexi will at times seek this connection. She’s the one I’d really like to make this connection with. Have you ever watched a master horseman connect with a horse new to them by the simple rub on the head? Tom Dorrance wrote of True Unity, and I believe this is a part of that.

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