Greeting Your Horse: Beginning Lesson 4 from 3 Minute Horsemanship

Is How You Greet Your Horse as POWERFUL and IMPORTANT as declared?

Vanessa Bee’s 4th Lesson in 3 Minute Horsemanship recommends greeting your horse by offering your hand to your horse’s forehead area, “just like horses introduce themselves to each other nose to nose, ensuring they have permission to reach into their personal space.” When offering your hand, you need to wait for the horse to touch it and not force the horse, to accept your hand. You probably already do this, but in my 54 years with horses, I’ve never really done this. I’ve always let them sniff my hand and then stroke their neck. Elmo, a 17 hand retired hunter, does greet you just like Bee would like. He extends his long neck, drops his head, and places his forehead into your hand. …. My own horses? Not so much, but maybe it’s because I haven’t approached my horses this way before. Bee considers this a very powerful exercise, probably because it involves asking permission from the horse to come into their space. Though Bee recommends starting with a halter, I have chosen not to use one. Find out how my different horses react over the next few sessions in my following entries. 

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