Being Still Lesson 1 Day 2: 3 Minute Horsemanship

Day 2:

I hoped I could get that same “connected” feeling that we ended up with on Day 1 in our 3 Minute Horsemanship lessons.  I lead her into my outdoor arena, took off her halter, and then went over to sit down on the mounting block.  She didn’t really follow me with a “connected” feeling, but just kind of wandered with me.  I sat down, put on my Mona Lisa smile, cleared my mind, and tried to synchronize my breathing with Lexi.  Today I found breathing rhythmically with her was more difficult.  Every time she looked up at something she changed her breathing!  She’s an Arab mare, and does like to take note of all movement in her environment.

I began to wonder, should I match my breathing to hers, or should I try to establish deep relaxed abdominal breathing?  I started out trying to synchronize with her, but that was too difficult, as it was irregular at times.  Then I tried to tap into deep belly breathing, inhaling low below the belly button and expanding my ribcage, and then pushing the air out like a horse does.

What did Lexi do?  At first nothing.  She did hang around me, and didn’t wander off (which surprised me), but I didn’t get that “connected” feeling.  I changed to the deep “horse breathing,” kept my gaze down, and softened my expression to my Mona Lisa smile.  Lexi came over and put her face next to mine and just stayed like that!  How lovely!  I was so fortunate to have my husband there to capture this moment with his camera.


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